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Who we are
Around 50 years of supplying quality home brew kits and home brew supplies and combined with an excellent service to all aspects of the home brew beer, home brew spirits and tobacco industries

Established in the early nineteen eighties, the store started out as a beer home brewing shop only, which then turned into a Corner Store with homebrew kit, then known as Mayfairs Welcome Mart. As the homebrew supplies industry grew, so the grocery side of things decreased.

Growing at the same time was the discount cigarettes and tobacco. To remain competitive in the ever-changing tobacco industry we joined the Tobacco Station Group in 1998. We were the first Tobacco Station in Townsville.

home brew supplies townsville
home brew kit townsville
home brew recipes townsville
Located on one of Townsville’s busiest roads Ross River Road, meant customers could quickly get their homebrew supplies at a discounted price, and be on their way satisfied

We then looked at the way homebrew supplies and homebrew kits were marketed, and soon realised that everyone’s taste buds were different. So rather than trying to sell what we wanted to sell, we put in a range of different products, then contacted different homebrew supplies wholesalers for homebrew recipes to help our client’s homebrew beers that turned out like the commercial ones. Now with over 130 different home brewing kits and home brewing supplies to choose from, it would take someone two and half years to try them all, so we put out our recipe sheet to make life a little easier for our clients.

Keeping things simple is our philosophy, discounted prices means high turnover, offering people a range to choose from and means no high pressure selling.

The most used phrase to describe our store by customers is "I’ve just found heaven." The most asked question here is not “what would you want to buy," it is "what do you drink if you went to a pub?"

With this we can then tailor a homebrew beer or homebrew spirit to suite your individual taste.


Townsville's home of home brew
For over 50 years

The right home brew beer gear and all the accurate knowledge for your preferred home brew recipes. Available direct to you at better than warehouse style prices and only from our specialised home brew shop. See us for all things home brew including home brew supplies, home brew recipes and home brew kits. We have been the leaders in the home brewing industry for many years and we have developed a product range that is sure to exceed your expectations, especially when coupled with our home brewing supplies service and support.

home brew cider townsville
home brew recipes townsville
home brew cider townsville
home brew recipes townsville
Some of the brands we stock include...



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