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Beermakers 1.7kg Bitter   $16.00 
200806201040220.Beermakers Bitter.jpg?shopping_cart_id=2048623&menu_id=116&image_url=200806201040220.Beermakers+Bitter.jpg Australia's favourite Bitter has just the right bitterness to quench a real thirst. It's pale, has a great glorious head and works hard in the glass. And it taste great on tap as well. This is the biggest selling beer kit in the store, for all the right reasons. Mix Number 10 Blend for a great copy of VB.


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Beermakers 1.7kg Cold   $16.00 
200806201043530.Beermakers cold.jpg?shopping_cart_id=2048623&menu_id=116&image_url=200806201043530.Beermakers+cold.jpg This is a copy of Carlton Cold when made with 250gr Corn & 750gr dextrose. When made with 250gr Corn & 250 or 500gr Lactose, this makes a copy of Fosters Light Ice, a favourite of many of the locals.


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Beermakers 1.7kg Draught   $16.00 
200806201048120.Beermakers Draught.jpg?shopping_cart_id=2048623&menu_id=116&image_url=200806201048120.Beermakers+Draught.jpg A true Aussie draught that is perfectly balanced in malt and hop flavour producing a beer that looks and taste great. It is amber in colour with mid-range bitterness. Think the old Cairns Draught which was the only Northern tap beer in Pubs many years ago, and your not far wrong.


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Beermakers 1.7kg Lager   $16.00 
200806201051280.Beermakers Lager.jpg?shopping_cart_id=2048623&menu_id=116&image_url=200806201051280.Beermakers+Lager.jpg A pale, delicately hopped Australian style Lager with a particularly clean finish. It is supplies with an optional use "dry enzyme" to futher promote the super finished. This is used to turn this beer into a Low Carb beer. However most users use 250gr Dextrose and 250gr crn with the can to produde a copy of XXXX Gold at 3.5%. Made by Maltexo Limited which is a Lion Nathan Company which own XXXX making this very popular with Queenslanders.


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Beermakers 1.7kg Old   $16.00 
200806201053420.Beermakers Old.jpg?shopping_cart_id=2048623&menu_id=116&image_url=200806201053420.Beermakers+Old.jpg Now this is special! A very dark rich ale with terrific roast grain flavour, it's no wonder The Old drinkers rave about this Beer. Made by Lion Nathan, this will make a great copy of Tooheys Old. Use 250 Corn & 750 Dextrose.


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Mayfairs Home Brew

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Mayfairs Home Brew are a home brew supplies business that has been providing quality products to Australia for many years. We are a highly experienced home brew recipes provider and we have been working with the leading manufacturers in the world to bring only the best and highest quality home brew kit related products. We also provide the growing range of home brew cider home brew kits and have delved deeper into this industry in order to best protect our customers needs. You can order online from our secure home brew shop and whether you are purchasing full kits or just the odd home brewing supplies that you may need we are the local Australian business that has the knowledge and resources to bring you the best products. If you are only new to the world of the mighty home brewing kit be prepared to become hooked once you find how quick and easy the process is - it also saves you money which is another reason why many more Australian's are turning to home brewing. While home brew beer is our most sort after commodity we also have a lot of requests and stock many products for other at home alcohol brewing needs. These include home brew spirits which is an increasing market and some great, high quality results can be achieved from even an inexpensive home brewing kits product. If you're into beer home brewing in a big way or just want to get your feet wet with a starter kit browse through our online products or contact us direct for the biggest range of home brew products in this part of the internet.