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Noble Beamer Bourbon   $9.00 
200807101327050.noble beamer.jpg?shopping_cart_id=2048620&menu_id=71&image_url=200807101327050.noble+beamer.jpg Smooth Jim Bean Style Bourbon makes 2.25l


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Noble Big Cat Bourbon   $9.00 
200807101319200.noble bigcat.jpg?shopping_cart_id=2048620&menu_id=71&image_url=200807101319200.noble+bigcat.jpg Cougar Style Bourbon. Makes 2.25l


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Noble Black Jack Bourbon   $9.00 
200807101327360.noble blackjack.jpg?shopping_cart_id=2048620&menu_id=71&image_url=200807101327360.noble+blackjack.jpg 'Jacky-D' Style Tennesee Bourbon. Makes 2.25l


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Noble Black Label Whisky   $9.00 
200807101328130.noble black label.jpg?shopping_cart_id=2048620&menu_id=71&image_url=200807101328130.noble+black+label.jpg Like a rich smooth 12yr old Whisky Johney Black style, Makes 1.4l


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Noble Blue Label Whisky   $9.00 
200807101328370.noble blue label.jpg?shopping_cart_id=2048620&menu_id=71&image_url=200807101328370.noble+blue+label.jpg JW Style Connoisseurs very old Blended Whisky. Makes 2.25l.


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Noble Glen Celtic Scotch   $9.00 
200807101338310.noble glen celtic.jpg?shopping_cart_id=2048620&menu_id=71&image_url=200807101338310.noble+glen+celtic.jpg Like a smooth 15yo pristine Whisky, Like Glenfiddich style Whisky, Makes 2 x 700ml.


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Noble Gold Label Whisky   $9.00 
200807101331220.noble gold label.jpg?shopping_cart_id=2048620&menu_id=71&image_url=200807101331220.noble+gold+label.jpg JW Gold Label style, 18yr Rare Blend Whisky. makes 2 x 1125mls.


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Noble Green Label Whisky   $9.00 
200807101331490.noble green label.jpg?shopping_cart_id=2048620&menu_id=71&image_url=200807101331490.noble+green+label.jpg JW style Green Label Whisky. 15 yrs Pure Malt Whisky. Makes 2 x 700ml


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Noble Kingston Rum   $9.00 
200807101332200.noble kingston.jpg?shopping_cart_id=2048620&menu_id=71&image_url=200807101332200.noble+kingston.jpg Finest Barrel Aged Dark Jamaican Rum, a favourite of Captain Morgan. Makes 2.25l.


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Noble Polar Bear Rum   $9.00 
200807101332550.noble polar.jpg?shopping_cart_id=2048620&menu_id=71&image_url=200807101332550.noble+polar.jpg Like a famous QLD style amber Rum. Makes 1.4l


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Noble Premium Bourbon   $9.00 
200807101333250.noble premiumbourbon.jpg?shopping_cart_id=2048620&menu_id=71&image_url=200807101333250.noble+premiumbourbon.jpg Barrel aged finest mashed Bourbon. Makes 2 x 700ml.


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Noble Sundy Rum   $9.00 
200807101334010.noble sundy.jpg?shopping_cart_id=2048620&menu_id=71&image_url=200807101334010.noble+sundy.jpg Good colour and flavour, a favourite with Queenslanders. Makes 2 x 700ml.


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Noble Turkey Bourbon   $9.00 
200807101337470.noble turkey.jpg?shopping_cart_id=2048620&menu_id=71&image_url=200807101337470.noble+turkey.jpg A bitey 12yo style Bourbon. Makes 2.25l


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Noble Ambrozia Whisky   $13.90 
200808131557000.ambrozia.jpg?shopping_cart_id=2048620&menu_id=71&image_url=200808131557000.ambrozia.jpg The flavour of Europes most popular Whisky.Contains american oak so it will continue to mellow and age.Makes 2 X 700ml bottles.


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Mayfairs Home Brew

206a Ross River Road. Aitkenvale
Phone: 07 4779 7227
Fax: 07 4728 6414
Mayfairs Home Brew are a home brew supplies business that has been providing quality products to Australia for many years. We are a highly experienced home brew recipes provider and we have been working with the leading manufacturers in the world to bring only the best and highest quality home brew kit related products. We also provide the growing range of home brew cider home brew kits and have delved deeper into this industry in order to best protect our customers needs. You can order online from our secure home brew shop and whether you are purchasing full kits or just the odd home brewing supplies that you may need we are the local Australian business that has the knowledge and resources to bring you the best products. If you are only new to the world of the mighty home brewing kit be prepared to become hooked once you find how quick and easy the process is - it also saves you money which is another reason why many more Australian's are turning to home brewing. While home brew beer is our most sort after commodity we also have a lot of requests and stock many products for other at home alcohol brewing needs. These include home brew spirits which is an increasing market and some great, high quality results can be achieved from even an inexpensive home brewing kits product. If you're into beer home brewing in a big way or just want to get your feet wet with a starter kit browse through our online products or contact us direct for the biggest range of home brew products in this part of the internet.